Before the workshop, please make sure you:

(if you want a printable checklist, here's a pdf version: iPad Workshop Checklist)

  • Read the whole checklist first, before diving in step by step!
  • Turn on your iPad.
  • Fully charge it.
  • Connect it to your computer and register it in iTunes.
  • Create an iTunes account:
    • You’ll need a credit card associated with your iTunes account if you ever want to buy apps. If you will only use free apps, you can create an iTunes account without a credit card. If you need help with that, go here:
    • Either way, when you’re at the workshop, you’ll need to know your iTunes account log in/password! So, if your iPad is from school, make sure you ask your IT person how to log on to the iTunes store on that iPad so we can download some free apps during the workshop.
  • When your iPad is connected to iTunes, make sure you check for updates. This can be a time-consuming process, so give yourself an hour or so for this. (It’s good to have the latest version of the iPad software.)
  • Create a gmail account (if you don’t already have one). ( Be sure you know this login/password on workshop day as well.

***Make sure you have the latest version of the OS on your iPad. Here's how to check: