Bayside Middle School

Everyone should know how to:

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Apps for Middle School:

Classroom Discussions/General Resources

-101 Uses for iPads in the Classroom
-iPads in the Math Classroom (app discussions, etc.)
-Explore this iEar Site
-Browse iTunes U


Have text read aloud. Settings>>General>>Accessibility>>Speak Selection

(click HERE to see video on ipad)

Getting to know your iPad - the essential things you may not have discovered.

Must-Have Productivity Apps

1. Evernote - synchronized note-taking; portable basic notes, audio memos, photos, saved items
---Evernote Tutorial
2. Dropbox
3. iBooks(download and open this pdf in your iBooks app) Link
4. Pages (or CloudOn or Office HD)
5. Keynote (or above Office apps)

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