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Educators of today are always on the go, and need to stay connected, have access to existing digital media, create new documents, collaborate, and communicate. An iPad is a great tool that allows users to have their email, calendar, communication tools, newsfeeds, presentations, teacher/student interaction documentation, notes, and entertainment all on one small device! The number of apps can be overwhelming, so I always suggest having your main productivity apps on the first screen. Move your secondary, less important, distracting, and entertainment apps to a separate screen. Let's create a digital backpack with your iPad.

Working Agenda

Part One - Getting to know your iPad

-Reflections on year-long ipad pilot
-Getting everyone on wireless
-Testing wireless with Poll Everywhere. I'll project a question on the screen, you'll answer on your iPad.
-Saving a frequently-accessed Internet site as an app icon

-Creating folders
-Exploring iTunes University - the iTunes U app has been updated, and is a really cool way to organize your books and other learning materials.
-Using NotePad
---Magnifying glass for text edits - when you are typing text, touch and hold to reveal a magnifying glass which lets you edit in the middle of a word, etc.
---Taking screenshots
(If you'd like to review some tutorials on your own time, click here.

Part Two - Setting up Your iPad Office Suite:

You can't connect a usb thumb drive to an iPad, because you don't need to. Here's my suggestion - create a Dropbox account on your desktop/laptop to store your documents (create the account, then install on desktop, laptop, iPad - it's your portable "My Documents" folder.). If you're just going to open Word/Powerpoint files on your iPad, Dropbox will do that just fine. If you want to edit/create Word/Powerpoint, then you'll probably need to invest in a paid app. If you're already a Mac person, go with Keynote and Pages. If you're more of a PC person, try QuickOffice Pro or Documents to Go. For now, there IS a good free app called "CloudOn" - but rumor has it that it may be pulled from the App store.

Office tools for your digital backpack:

-Evernote - synchronized note-taking; portable basic notes, audio memos, photos, saved items
---Evernote Tutorial
---creating notes
---synching notes
---photo/video capture scavenger hunt
-iBooks to download 2 free Ipad books
---download some PDF manuals you might use
---explore some free online books at Project Gutenberg
---buy some iBooks to read for fun
---Kindle app discussion
-Flipboard - magazine/news feeds
---setting up some Twitter streams to follow
---creating Twitter feeds as Flipboard modules
---other Leadership RSS feeds

Miscellaneous backpack tools:

-Around Me - what's around you - restaurants, ATMs, etc.
-Skype - free video conferencing on your ipad - with other Skype users

Reference apps:

News apps:

Webinars on iPad:

Walkthroughs on iPad:
-Using an iPad for Classroom observations/walkthroughs
-Sample Walkthrough with Google Forms
--More help with Google Forms

Part Three - Other Leadership Apps and Ideas

Discussion on Classroom connections

iPad "Volume Purchase Program" - Volume License Webinar every Tues. Thurs from Apple
(scroll 1/2 way down the page for the Webinar link on the right)

Getting to know your iPad - the essential things you may not have discovered.